Samples of New BiSH ‘GiANT KiLLERS’ Tracks? Please.

Well, amigos, it appears that now that I re-cracked the seal on BiSH a few weeks ago, they’re back to being regularly in the rotation. Which is great, because BiSH is great!

Last week, we got the exciting news that they have an EP coming out; this week, thanks to eagle-eye Richard, we get to listen to some new material ahead of the release:

As a confirmed BiSH fan, I’m really stoked to hear these tracks, even incompletely; as a confirmed fan of the rest of WACK’s lineup, I’m left to wonder how many tricks they have up their sleeve, and how the quality level can be kept up across a three-group roster (soon to be four!), and if BiSH isn’t going to be the primary recipient of the “best” work going forward*. And maybe it doesn’t matter because the quiver is full indeed, and maybe I’m just overthinking it because I’m full of cough syrup and allergy medicine, but whatever.

Nevertheless, I’m really excited about this album now, dude.

2 thoughts on “Samples of New BiSH ‘GiANT KiLLERS’ Tracks? Please.

  1. I wasn’t a big fan of Killer BiSH but these previews sound pretty solid. I have to wonder about the quality going forward too though. Four groups is a lot so hopefully Kenta doesn’t spread himself too thin.

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