SAKA-SAMA Was Made for Indie Idol Wednesday

I’d been seeing this group’s name on a few bills associated with the wonderful TRASH-UP!! and among the tweets of some of the people who seem to be really well keyed in on the funnest parts of the Tokyo underground, and I finally gave them a listen yesterday. Get a load of this:

I sense a trend

SAKA-SAMA! They bill themselves as “lo-fi dream pop idols.” I believe three of the words (minus hyphen) in that statement.

They’re certainly different.

For you heathens who hate the holiday season, that’s riffing on “Marshmallow World,” and it’s better than all of us

We should all be thankful for the existence of TRASH-UP!!, for it is often through their noisy embrace that many an interesting idol project gets its first something resembling a break, and some are even able to use their association with the promotion/label as a launchpad to bigger opportunities.

Maybe SAKA-SAMA will join them! They at least have a crack at being a cult indie favorite, I’d say. Good luck to them.

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