Rukatama Go-Goes Out Of Melon

When Melon Batake a Go Go announced the other day that they would be holding auditions, one of the first responses in the Homicidols group chat was “Oh no, who’s graduating?”

Unfortunately, we now know that, not only was that very member Rukatama, but her departure is less of a pre-scheduled graduation and more she’s just up and left immediately without warning.

On the upside, she still has (presumably solo) events on the 29th and March 13th, so we haven’t seen the last of her yet. And, judging by the tweets following her announcement, Rukatama herself seems to be in good spirits.

Also, I hate to turn into my own 2020 twitter prediction, but considering that the in-group bitchiness apparently got bad enough that Melonmanagement had to give a public announcement about members almost being fired for it, myself and a couple others have had the feeling that someone was going to get out of it soon enough. It was just a matter of who would be the first to say “I’ve had enough.” And now we know who it was, I hope at the very least, this brings some peace of mind to Rukatama and the remaining melons.

But, even when we know that an idol is probably better off without her former group, graduations and withdrawals are always going to be sad for the fanbase. And I can’t help but feel incredibly sorry for the Monster of Dolls staff, who so far has already had to deal with the headache of Necroma withdrawing, two Melt Mores graduating, two more joining, the potential threat of coronavirus, and now this. If anyone is attending that show, please buy the staff a beer or something to show your appreciation.