RILISREVERSE’s Reversed Release

You can get a surprising amount of wordplay out of this group’s name! Anyway, the emotional trio just dropped a music video for their song “Amaterasu” from their 2nd anniversary mini-album “Best Wishes“!

Wasn’t that just a beautiful song? From the vocal harmonies between the members to the hopeful chorus to the jazzy piano, “Amaterasu” really is a strong contender for one of the songs of the year. The music video matches the ethereal vibe too, Shiika, Natori and Asagi are just as idyllic as the field they’re dancing in.

If you aren’t familiar with the group, RILISREVERSE are one of the successor groups from the ashes of HAMIDASYSTEM – the melodic electronica/post-rock group where you couldn’t smile on stage. RILISREVERSE’s theme is releasing negative emotions and reversing them, exploding on stage as a trio tackling emotional highs and lows. At first, the group continued on with production from Sayshine but as it stands now, the group are in a new era both sonically and thematically.

Both “Best Wishes” and their previous EP “LIBERATION” did not feature a single song produced by Sayshine, with “LIBERATION” setting the stage for their current direction. “Suisou no Hotaru” (Fireflies in the Aquarium), composed by Ichi with lyrics by Es, served as a prelude to their trio of monthly singles leading up to “Best Wishes”. Ethereal feeling with haunting lyrics, “Suisou no Hotaru” is melancholic, mysterious, magical; the same could be said about songs like “Amaterasu” and “Yoru no Yamai” (Night Sickness). But even with “LIBERATION” marking the start of a new era and carrying on those themes, “Best Wishes” itself still feels like more of a leap forwards than a single step. The baton has been passed and the distance has grown.


Going from majority either positive and negative songs to songs that twist around both subjects in a kind of melancholic, wistful but often upbeat soundscape has honestly made the group feel as fresh as when they debuted. Think about how many groups can only stick to one type of overarching sound and the same type of… well anything really. RILISREVERSE have pulled off melodic electronica, post-rock and now, they’re in a world of jazzy piano and shattering glass. For fans of their more electronic sound too, “Shoujo Ether” is a standout produced by trance musician Lv.4. It fits so neatly onto the EP too, like an electronic palette cleanser, almost like the reverse of how “Ambivalence” was the unique piece of esoterica surrounded by upbeat electronica.

So that’s the latest release from RILISREVERSE ! But don’t just listen, see them in action! They hold regular free live performances on YouTube titled “Side Black” and “Side White“, showcasing their dual nature and all the spaces inbetween. Whether they change more or keep walking down this path, we can’t wait to see what they do next.