RILISREVERSE Release Reversal

In a move that was definitely intended to make fun headlines, RILISREVERSE have released their new digital single Reversal!

The new single was debuted at their most recent oneman live, Show the REVERSAL, a conceptual live designed to show off the theme of the group. They started with their mellow, angsty songs before premiering the new music video, switching costumes and then performing their more peppy upbeat material. The group name comes from “release” and “reverse”, so they got the audience to release their negative emotions and reversed them, unleashing raw emotion all over the livehouse floor. How messy! The full thing is still on YouTube too if you feel like getting to know the emotional quartet a little better.

Reversal’s music video itself is decidedly more tame than their previous MV for Juvenile, it’s all about fun but there’s less… sapphic content. No thigh shots and kissing here, but we promise it’s still just as exciting.

RILISREVERSE’s new single is out to stream and purchase on all platforms now, so what are you waiting for? Release the funds from your bank account and reverse Japan’s national debt!