Rev up Your Conspiracy Engines for This Friday Fun

I’m starting to think that I need to start censoring Kerrie, but she’s on a roll and I’ll be darned if I’m going to stop giving myself reasons to literally laugh out loud multiple times every Friday-Sunday. Take it away, kid.

“This is going to be the last WACK-themed event I’ll do in a while,” I said. “People are gonna get bored of this really quick,” I said. And then what do you know, the exact day #IdolPublicityStunts begins, Watanabe drops the bombshell that is a WACK-wide audition with girls from every group he manages coming to the final training camp! What?

Well, with news like that, how can I not encourage everyone to make their own predictions as to what happens? But before we get to that, lets have a look at #IdolPublicityStunts. You guys did great on this one, as expected.

[Maniac: For the record, this was all really good, but Daemon wins.]

Now on to the third part of the WACK trilogy that’s been going this past few weeks (at least, I hope it’s a trilogy; I need a break from this nonsense!). Similar to the forum thread we had predicting the BiS reunion auditions, I want you to tweet your insane theories as to what will happen during the WACK training camp (or even what happens as a result; line-up changes, bigger things, nothing happens at all, etc.) with the simple hashtag of #WackAuditionPredictions, and the best ones will be posted next week.

I look forward to seeing all your conspiracy theories for this one!