Retweet Idols, Win Demo

I hope that I’m actually providing something of a service with this post, gang, and not just HTMLing something that’s already been done to death — judging by the original reactions, I’d say it’s somewhere in between — but if you missed it yesterday, amazing digital idolcore project of my dreams DAIDAIDAI has a demo for a new song, “PIRANHA”, available via download if you retweet the following:

There may have been some issues with the automation on this, but mostly ironed out now

Okay, go do it. Then report on your thoughts!

I’m 100%, fully and completely and unapologetically a massive supporter for everything that comes from the DEMON TAPES stable, going back to when I first had PSYBOU KANOJO raked through my psyche, and I’ve been as behind DAIDAIDAI since their very beginning about as much as I can. I wish that I could have given them more awards last year, their album and the “ZZ Allin” MV both being absolute gems that I still visit with pretty regularly. What makes this special isn’t that it’s awesome (it is) but that it takes me right back to the very beginning, when I was punning on their name and super excited about their potential and producer-san sent a download code for their demo, which they were distributing via paper handouts at that point. That’s good nostalgia right there!

But on the matter at hand, how good is “PIRANHA”? Friend, I’m telling you, if you haven’t done the RT thing and received your code, you need to go do it. And then you need to invite friends and neighbors over to your place while you play it. And then be patient, because the payoff that you’re looking for is one that you earn, and sweet holy moses does this track develop layers as it progresses.

All that’s left for me is for there to be an official announcement about a formal release, and the sooner the better. I won’t apologize for that: Keep no secrets, idols that are particularly great at doing a niche thing that practically nobody else does. We need more of your music!