Report and Photos from DEEP GIRL’s Anniversary One-man

There’s not a ton to add here, but I thought it was interesting in light of the fact that they’ve actually shown a video for “STEREO” but haven’t released it, and they’re on something approaching a regular idol group’s schedule. That is, the group that was formed to promote a streaming video platform and got LOLed at a little at the beginning, then turned in what’s still a candidate for both song and video of the year, NOW it’s like they’re a real idol group. Go figure.

Highlights of the article:

  • The old outfits. The new ones are properly coherent and sort of fit what they’re about, but the throwbacks to some stylist’s idea of what a “rock chick” looks like were fun to see.
  • Kanon is very realistic and wants to eventually play Budokan.
  • Non very literally caught in a mosh

Still rooting for you, DEEP GIRL. You made it this far, now keep going.

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