re:miaw Is The Casual Idol Super Group That Just Wants To Relax…

Putting their hat into the sweepstakes of idol groups that use a “re:” prefix in their name is a fresh addition to the scene who call themselves re:miaw! This unit has been around since at least June of this year, but flying a bit under the radar, so it’s bit easy to wonder where they’ve been.

While they do have a group twitter account, they don’t have a lot of information about themselves up. I think I can explain it this way: You see, the one recurring theme I’ve noticed with this group is that they refer to themselves as only being “loosely active”. One member described re:miaw as being a “relaxing activity idol unit”. And you know what? That’s a theme I can relate to!

I think re:miaw has the right idea here. Just pursue your activities as recreation and casually enjoy yourself while you do it. The goals might be less lofty, but that doesn’t make things less rewarding!

So in-between bouts of having not-so-serious fun and lackadasical activity, the idol unit recorded a mini-album, and here’s a preview video to give us a sample of what they’ve got cooked up…

Well shoot, for such a relaxed group, they’ve sure made some pretty terrific music here! Really catchy pop-goodness with a pleasant, positive vibe.

re:miaw is self-produced, but these songs are arranged by singer songwriter that’s all folks, who’s written a few other idol songs as well. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that we’ve got a real winner here. In the past couple weeks I’ve noticed a subtle uptick in their exposure, and bit of a loyal following developing. They look like they’ve got the goods to charm fans from the stage as well…

The members of re:miaw are:

Hirune, (blue) who was in SAKA-SAMA and avandoned!

Chiari, (red) who, aside from solo work, (and being a dental hygenist!) was in Summer Rocket and D’yerMak’er?!

Shinano (yellow) who makes really cool movie-themed cheki and directs MVS!

Manaka (black and white), a former tipToe member!

And former SDF officer Kotomi (A newer member…pink I think?) was in Let’s Poco Poco, Origamillio, and has multiple acting credits!

You can purchase their first mini album here. (You’ll need a proxy.) Who knows, with all the glowing buzz and acolades surrounding them, maybe they’ll step up their leisurely activities a bit. Keep up with them!