Relive History’s Most Interesting Two Hours of Idol

Friends, we had a great time on A-to-J Talks this past Friday night. While we didn’t get to talk about everything on the agenda (for instance, only about 2/3 of the way through did anybody notice that the subject was supposed to be “spooky idols”), we did get to cover:

You can watch the whole thing here:

Thanks to everybody who joined the chat, too. You were a big part of the reason that the whole shebang was as good a time as it was, even when you were correcting me and calling me names. But give A-to-J a follow already, would you? There are a handful of us who cover idols; A-to-J is a one-stop shop for basically everything in J-culture.

Also, Heidi, I wish we could have given you a more suitable (probably temporary) farewell. I blame Manuel. But I do hear that Japan is a top-10 party school, so you do have that going for you.