I love this so much, you guys. And fitting, isn’t it, that the project that first made so many of us slack our jaws in disbelief (and then immediately begin week-long binges into the deepest, darkest recesses of idoldom) would inadvertently wind up being the subject of enough fan art to at least once wind up being one of the most bizarre things you’ve ever seen?

I’m trying to imagine a world in which Babymetal actually turned out something so Lynchian on purpose; people complained enough about “From Dusk Til Dawn” (but not, thank heavens, “Tales of the Destinies”).

That might be my personal ideal for them at this point. Babymetal’s done the whole “kawaii metal” thing, they’ve gone more conventional routes, they’ve pushed boundaries in a traditional sense — now let them become a Converge or Neurosis or Mr. Bungle for loudol. That’d be some shit. So many butts would be hurt!

Anyway, gods be good, that’s not even the most WTF / actual WTF for today. I’ve had it since Sunday! I just felt like it was a Tuesdayer, so here we are.


  1. BABYMETAL have done a good job of keeping ahead of the curve and out of areas that are too well tread and obvious, i wonder what they have up their sleeves to try and keep that up…

    Wouldn’t suprise me at all if on the next BABYMETAL album we see songs that are either capital H Heavy, weird and artsy/proggy or weird and obnoxiously poppy in that FALILV, Maximum the Hormone and Attack Attack! sort of way.

    Or songs that are somehow all of the above at the same time.

    Due to the way their early fame happened i think their third album is going to have a similar role as to what a sophomore album does for most others, i think it’s going to be VERY important.
    I really hope they make something that will really irritate and annoy both metalheads and and idol fans alike. 😛

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