Reader’s Best: Melly’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to our second installment of Reader’s Best! If you haven’t already, please check out Luna’s Top Ten in our inaugural post. Today we are featuring Melly’s picks, not just because they have fantastic taste, but also because they were the second person to complete the survey. We try to keep it simple around here. Let’s go, Melly!

Melly’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs


This is the song that made me love ASP. I think it’s lyrics are pretty relatable for a lot of people, and I love how it takes the idea of being on your best behavior and hiding your feelings for the sake of other people, only to later say to “Scream” as loudly as you can and to “Destroy”. To love yourself until you don’t feel despair any longer.

9. Seiko Oomori, LOW hAPPYENDROLL

I originally wasn’t sure of whether or not to include this song in an idol list, but Seiko is technically an idol, so I figured it deserved a spot! I love the contrast between the light, cute tone of Sachie’s voice and the beautifully imperfect tone of Seiko’s. The two of them have created a song that gives off a feeling of absolute hopelessness and turmoil, and yet absolute comfort at the same time.

8. Zenbu Kimi no Sei da., World End Crisis (2019Ver.)

This is incomparably the best version of “World End Crisis”. The raw and less-polished quality/feeling fits the song perfectly. I especially like Yotsu’s screaming parts and Megumi’s spoken part at the very end of the song.

7. Hauptharmonie, Calmmaze – erneutes

My favorite from Hauptharmonie by far. I’m convinced that “Calmmaze” has the power to instantly make anyone smile!! Both the main and background vocals are so adorable (especially during the chorus), and it has such a sweet & happy aura. Not sure who did the vocals around 1:37 and 1:50, but she absolutely popped off.

6. Qppo, moukoinantesinaisi, koinantesinainanteiwanaisi, moukoinantesinainanteiwanaiyozettainanteutawanaiyozettai

I almost cried when I found this, because it’s everything I had ever wanted in a song. Hyperenergetic singing (or shouting?) and high pitched shrieking in a wonderful bundle of chaotic pop. A pity that it’s so short…

5. Kindan no Tasuketsu, Toumeikan (Album Ver)

Every version of this song is fantastic, but there’s something about this one that’s just absolutely addicting. The soft vocals and gentle acoustic sound feel like absolute agony and complete peace all at once. It reminds me of times standing in front of the cold ocean alone, and feeling as if I was the only one in the world. This is another one that should be longer!

4. Megumi Kisaragi, Hiyokurenri


This song fits Megumi perfectly, and it’s a wonderful display of talent. The switches from spoken verses and poetic singing to harsh shouts is stunning, and turns to perfection when paired with the pleading, often-contradictory lyrics. I’d honestly say it’s the best solo song from any Codomomental idol. It also reminds me a lot of “World End Crisis”!

3. akugi, daydream speaker

Though anything featuring Komari Yuu could be considered a great song, she especially shines in this one. Her voice pairs perfectly with Shiki Towa’s, and they were able to create an absolute masterpiece of longing. The music video is gorgeous as well!!

2. Zenbu Kimi no Sei da., Sophomore Sick Sacrifice

The lyrics to “Sophomore Sick Sacrifice” are completely relatable to me, and I especially like how they contrast against the cutesy style of the song. There are also a few parts with fun wordplays that I love :). The ending line that goes “ Whether we like it or not, we’re proud of our childish mental state, Terminal symptoms” feels like words of strength for those of us who are ‘sick’. All in all, it’s perfectly yami-kawaii.

1. Yukueshirezutsurezure, Howling Hollow

Every single aspect of this song feels so deeply emotional, and it has extra power due to being a part of Yukueshirezutsurezure’s final album. Additionally , this was one of the first idol songs I heard back in 2020 that made me fall in love with both the genre and this group, and has gotten me through some hard times.