Reader’s Best: Marc and Void’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to the third installment of our Reader’s Best series. The response to our request for submissions of Top Ten song lists has been incredible and we want to send out big THANK YOU!! to everyone who has sent in a response. Because we want to make sure we get to everyone’s list, we will be closing down submissions later today so get any last minute entries in immediately. At this point it may take us three months to post everybody’s picks, but these are good problems to have! Since this went so well, we will definitely do more reader submission projects in the future. We’re leaning towards favorite MVs next time, but we shall see.

We also want to thank those who didn’t send in a response but are engaging in discussions on all the Top Tens over on the Homicidols Discord.  There were a number of folks who didn’t submit because they were, like, “I know what my favorites are but I don’t know why.” This is a perfectly understandable mentality. When it comes to the submissions themselves, some folks wrote reasons as brief as, “This  slays!” to full-on dissertations with references. The great thing about this whole exercise is that there are no wrong answers, but for those readers who were a bit more concise, we have combined submissions into collaborative postings like this one.

Today we feature Top Ten lists from both Void and Marc (aka The Struggler on Discord). Not only did Void and Marc complete the survey third and fourth respectively, but they both picked the same song for #7, so it’s absolute serendipity that we post them side-by-side! Plus MARC & THE VOID sounds like the name of an awesome 80s darkwave band.

Two-times-ten equals 20 killer tracks. Let’s go!!

Marc and Void’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10. Void: Perfume, Computer City

Marc: Necronomidol,  Strange Aeons

Sorry for putting a mainstream pop group on here but this song is so nostalgic for me I couldn’t NOT include it. I love them so much.

Anime feels. Wish it made it to some anime.

9. Void: ASP, BE MY FRiEND

 ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno it just sounds cool.

Marc: Pikarin,  Daikirai

8. Void: meme tokyo., Suicide Borderless

Sat here for a really long time trying to come up with a reason but I really got nothing. I just like it.

Marc: Migma Shelter, Paralyzing

Who knew Idol and rave could go together.

7. Void: BURST GIRL, Gishiki

Marc: BURST GIRL, Gishiki

Void: Utsu-P moment!!!

Marc: Heaviest on their list I guess.


I think idols should say the “fuck” word more often.

Marc: CYNHN, Suisei

5. Void: HAMIDASYSTEM, Kizu no Oto

Depression hungry. Feed it HAMIDASYSTEM’s down album on repeat.

Marc: Jyujyu, La Fin

Easily their best banger.

4. Void: HANABIE., Reiwa dating apps generation

I like it when the idols yell at me through my headphones.


3. Void: BABYMETAL & Bring Me The Horizon, Kingslayer

Does this one even count? I don’t care, I’m putting it here anyway. It’s the perfect song I dunno what to tell you.

Marc: Not Secured, Loose Ends, Phantom Kiss

Fronz killed it here! except he’s been an a-hole towards them afterwards. Wish they would get another metal frontman.

2. Void: ZOC (Metamuse?), FLY IN THE DEEPRIVER

Super emotional and listening to it makes me feel insane. In my heart it’s tied with 14才 for songs that make me want to lay in the rain and just think about stuff.


1. Void: Zsasz, Stupid Pop

Hhrrgrrbrbrbrbrhgjgjhxh zsasz. It was so hard to pick just one. I sat here for so long trying to decide. I almost, as a fun little joke just with myself, made all 10 of these Zsasz songs, but then I realized I would be the only one in on the joke, and it wasn’t actually very funny. I could honestly give a reason for any of their songs being my number one. But after much deliberation on which song to choose, I went with this one because it is actually my favorite, not necessarily the one I think is the best. It was the demo song Utsu-P posted on the kanbangirl blog, and I was obsessed with wanting to hear the full thing for years. And it’s just so fun and upbeat sounding, and the lyrics are funny but still deep and undeniably Utsu-P, and it’s such a fun song to see performed live, and I just love them so much.

Marc: Maison book girl, Laundry