Reader’s Best: Luna’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to the first in our series of Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs as identified by you, the readers of Homicidols. If you haven’t summitted your list yet, it’s not too late. Just complete this Google form and let us know your thoughts. We will be publishing a few each week until we run out.

First up we have Luna, also know as LunaGeek on Twitter and Discord where he is known for his enthusiasm for WWI experimental helmets and multiple YouTube channels.  He’s an intriguing guy with a diversity of interests, so let’s see how that extends to his picks for favorite idol songs. Take it away Luna:

Luna’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs


X!DENT have a ways to go before they really become something amazing, but what’s set up in this track is something incredibly special. The vocals could use a bit of work, and the mix isn’t the best, but this specific alt-idol sound is amazing. It’s got some insanely heavy metal, really nice uncleans, and some really interesting folk elements. Really all this group need are to keep honing their craft.


Right off the bat, nice. Now that the memes are aside, this is a really good mix of rock and electronic. It’s got a strong central riff, a nice atmospheric central point (in a strange way reminiscent of “Master of Puppets”), solid vocals, and a funny title. It may not be anything too crazy but there’s a whole lot to love about it.

8. WAGAMAMA RAKIA, Devil’s Gimmick

When compared with some of the tracks on here, there’s no fancy reason for my liking this one, it’s just a good track. It’s got some nice (though sparse) metal elements, great electronics, some amazing rap, good energy throughout, and a chorus you can’t help but scream along to. It may not be anywhere near as special as some of the other tracks on this list, but it’s a lot of fun and swiftly became one of my favorite releases from this group.

7. Minna no Kodomochan – The Final Blinkings

Honestly, any of the songs from them could take this spot. This one may not be quite as interesting as some of the others, but it sure does stick in my mind. The guitar chugging throughout most of it, the dark electronic sound, the drums, and the vocals all just hit right.

6. KAQRIYOTERROR, The Forbidden Masturbating

Another track with a silly name, and another one that turns out to be really good. A common theme on this list, it’s got great electronics and guitar, pretty dang good vocals, and a pleasant surprise for me, some really good drums. It also has perhaps my favorite chorus on this list. It even has one more pleasant bonus, some surprisingly good lyrical content. All in all, this one is just a really good song with just about everything that makes me happy.


This is basically the song that got me into alt-idol stuff, so of course I have to give it a place on this list. While at times it goes a bit wilder than I like, but the energy throughout is phenomenal. I know it’s hard to believe after all the other songs, but this one has really good electronics and guitar. The rap, while not quite as memorable as in “Devil’s Gimmick” is really strong, the chorus always gets me singing along, and the use of autotune/vocal distortion on this track is masterfully done. It’s really just a solid song that has an important place in my musical journey.

4. BiS, DEAD or A LiME

This is probably the most interesting track I submitted. It has some of the most unique guitar I’ve ever heard in an idol track, some really good drumming, and it takes a big gamble with distorting the vocals and it fully pays off. I don’t really have much to say on this one, it’s just a really dang good song.


Once again, it’s a WR song. Honestly, pretty much everything I said for “Why?” goes for this one as well. I’d argue that track is a bit more interesting, musically speaking, but I find myself going back to this one more often. It’s got some phenomenal drums, solid guitar and electronics, great rap, and a chorus that if I spoke Japanese would have me singing along to it every time. It also does one of my favorite things in music which is having a quiet moment that goes into a really hard and energetic moment in both the bridge and the final chorus.


Now Necroma have two versions of Salem, one off of the EP Scions of the Blasted Heath, and one off of the album vämjelseriter. Both are pretty dang good, but I’d consider the Scions version to be the better one. This track takes heavy black metal influence, and the rawness of the original version really captures that beautifully. It really captures a lot of what I love about this group, some phenomenal metal instrumentals, a dark atmosphere, a raw sound, and some really good vocals. I don’t have a lot to say on this one, but it sure is good.


For #1, I of course had to put my favorite band (well, my favorite band tied with Sleep Token). It would be tempting to do “Oh! MAJINAI” as I discovered BABYMETAL through that one, and I could argue that it’s one of the most important songs I’ve ever heard, but aside from that personal importance the song isn’t really all that phenomenal. Shine, on the other hand, is easily one of their best works. Starting out with some beautiful acoustic guitar, it shifts into some amazing power metal, and has pretty much all the elements that make BABYMETAL so great. Besides that, this track has been there for me through many a tough period in life, so it has that personal importance as well. When you place it with “Starlight” and “Arkadia” it’s pretty much perfect, but it sure stands out on its own as well.