Reader’s Best – RED:DOT’s SUKU & Carrythezero’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We keep the Reader’s Best series rolling with two lists curated by Carrythezero and Pepjin (RED:DOT’s SUKU) Klaassen. These two share an affinity for both classic alt-idol songs and tracks by some of the best new units around. These may be the first lists to include multiple tracks that might see a nomination in the upcoming Best of the Year polls, so pay close attention!

Let’s go!!

RED:DOT’s SUKU & Carrythezero’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10. Carrythezero: HUSH HUSH – Party Star

Despite this song being less than six months old it has already made it into my top ten. From it’s rough and dirty sound to the off-the-wall antics of Zousui and Yunipi, Party Star keeps me coming back to it over and over again. They deserve all the success in the world.


Can’t go wrong with rap metal and a catchy chorus.

9. Carrythezero: Payrin’s – Even So, Our Breathing Won’t Stop

There is a very sweet darkness to this track that just gets me every time I hear it. Tatsuya Kitani’s songwriting coupled with Mochiko Sakuragi’s fantastic voice makes this the standout track on an already amazing album. Recent changes in the unit’s lineup and a lack of output had me worried for a bit but it seems like things are back on track and it won’t be long before we all get socked it the jaw again by more of their gloomy cuteness.

RED:DOT’s SUKU: Not Secured,Loose Ends – Posutokatasutorofu

For some reason this is my favorite Not Secured track, but I don’t know why…

8. Carrythezero: Goodday – Macaroni & Cheese

This is one of those songs that manages to transport me back to the days when I would go and see indie-pop bands like The Softies, Godzuki and Bunnygrunt play in college basements and tiny converted rec halls back in the mid ’90s. The most innocent song about roundhouse kicks and mac & cheese you’ll ever hear.

RED:DOT’s SUKU: Higeki no heroine syndrome – Silent Cry

Double tempo in the chorus gives this song the superhero feeling it deserves.

7. Carrythezero: Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da. – Mesu Genome Phenomenon

I had a terrible time picking just one track by Zenbukimi but I knew it had to be something off of Neorder Nation. I finally settled on Mesu Genome Phenomenon as it has everything I enjoy about this unit packed into one song: bright vocals, searing guitar riffs and an infectious, bouncy beat. The video for this is also quite fantastic.

RED:DOT’s SUKU: PassCode – bite the bullet

PassCode is one of those few basement type idol acts that made it to the mainstream, but without compromising on the odd and often quite random song structures. Bite the bullet is the song that catapulted them into the top league. Yuna was awesome.

6. Carrythezero: Nanchara Aidoru – Kimi wa GAN Nanoda

I am a big fan of bands like They Might Be Giants and Ween. Bands that can utilize a variety of genres but still have distinct sound rooted in all of their songs. Nonchara Aidoru doesn’t experiment quite as much as the aforementioned artists but they do share that same quality. They also have an uncanny ability to put unique spins on other artists’ songs without moving too far from the source material, as evidenced in this amazing cover of this song by Uchoten.

RED:DOT’s SUKU: SHINGEKI – Gouhou trip:boil hazard

Don’t like the song? Wait 4 seconds and it will change. This stuff is so random that it is perfect to annoy thy neighbour!

5. Carrythezero: You’ll Melt More! – Moi Moi

Everything they do is just so damn cute. They are like the human equivalent of a warm, sunny day. While there are many feel-good You’ll Melt More! songs Moi Moi has become the one I turn to to pull me out of any type of fun I might be in.


A lot of people have this idea that idols are just bouncing around on someone else’s music. It was NECRONOMIDOL that showed me that choreography is an integral part of the idol experience. Maybe “End of days” isn’t even my favorite Necroma track (Skulls in the stars is brilliant, Ithaqua rocks hard…) but it has the most memorable choreography as added value to the song.

4. Carrythezero: situasion – Japanese Horror Story

For a relatively new unit with only a few releases they sound amazingly polished. I am blown away by everything I heard so far but “Japanese Horror Story” is one of those songs that takes you on a ride. By the time it’s over you nearly forget that this was all just one song.


Ultimate party song. NEVE SLIDE DOWN was my first “idol death”. But WAGAMAMA RAKIA is still playing this song, so there’s life after death.

3. Carrythezero: Maison book girl – bath room

This song squeaks in just ahead of Situasion by virtue of being around longer. Both groups scratch a particular part of my brain that craves artsy complicated music. Of all the great projects to come out of BiS this, in my opinion, is the most striking. Bath Room layers percussive tracks in a way that has me unconsciously tapping them out with my fingers days after I last heard it.


MAD JAMIE rocks. For some reason, this group just grabs me. “Bureikou” shows best what MAD JAMIE is all about: upbeat punk rock by four girls with a personality.

2. Carrythezero: BiS – Thousand Crickets


It’s so dark and menacing! It really appeals to the gothy punk that lives within me. This song demands your attention and bears down on you until it has pinned under it’s booming bass line. Ito Musensiteebu and Toggy’s vocals really shine on this one, as well.

RED:DOT’s SUKU: MERRY BAD END – Diamond Ain’t Break Down

Have heard this song hundreds of times, but still, each time the intro kicks in, I still get goosebumps. And we have Honamingu!, I guess she was my first oshi…

1. Carrythezero: MIGMA SHELTER – Egg Head

What would I… nay, the world be without MIGMA SHELTER? Probably the same but not nearly as happy. I really can’t sing the praises of this group enough. How are they not more famous. The blend of psychedelic trance and idol vocals is just genius. It was very difficult to choose just one song out of so much great material but I finally settled on Egg Head. It’s probably because of that clever use of the rooster sample.

RED:DOT’s SUKU: GARUDA – Mousugu yuki na

Yuffie is an artist that impressed me enormously on stage. This particular song should be played at my funeral. It’s relatively simple industrial metal but it gives Yuffie all the opportunity to be all GARUDA