Reader’s Best: Canaan & antineodeconstructedpostcorewave’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Todays entry in our Reader’s Best series is a good one, courtesy of Canaan and  antineodeconstructedpostcorewave (known as C.anaan and pedro respectively on The Homicidols Discord server). Not only do their twenty, collective selections feature some deep cuts off of some underrated albums, but they also introduce a couple of new artists to the Readers Best series for the first time.  Some of these picks were so far off the beaten path it took me more than twice as long as usual to put this edition together due to the extra time it took to track down all of these songs.

I can practically guarantee that their Top Tens will introduce you to at least one new song, if not an entirely new artist. Let’s go!!

Canaan & antineodeconstructedpostcorewave’s Ten Favorite Idol Songs

10. Canaan: Kosame, Dirty Womb

The raw emotion towards the end caps off an already amazing song amazingly.

anti-ndpcw: BiS – STUPiD


Even though BiS has some classics like “nerve” (especially the BiS Kaidan version), “primal.” or “IDOL”, this song stayed with me. Great vocals and catchy chorus.


It’s much more catchy and heavy than it has any right to be.

anti-ndpcw: RAY – Blue Monday


Drum and Bass with beautiful dreamy vocals.

8. Canaan: Yukueshirezutsurezure, Phantom Kiss

It’s the song that got me into Yukeshirezutsurezure and by extension alt-idol as a whole.

anti-ndpcw: Devil ANTHEM. – Kizuna Toiu Hane

J-pop mixed with Happy Hardcore, love some fast music.

7. Canaan: Hikari Shiina, hate!hate!hate!

It lives in my head rent free at any given moment.



Crazy breakcore/electronic production, love the strong vocals.

6. Canaan: ・・・・・・・・・, Shiduka No Umi


This song gives me such a nostalgic feeling.

anti-ndpcw: Busujima Orochi – Kollapse

Another artist from Demon Tapes, with similar production to AINE KURAINE, this track is groovy and full of energy.

5. Canaan: Necronomidol, Thanatogenisis

The song goes hard.



Beautiful progressive song that keeps building up and ends as an electronic banger.

4. Canaan: Cinder-ella, YHWH

It has this odd hypnotic effect on me, and it’s a very beautiful yet chaotic song.

anti-ndpcw: TENTENKO – Good bye, Good girl

TENTENKO has some crazy bangers and a DJ but i consider this more as an “idol song”, catchy and retro synthpop, sounds like 80s or early 90s kayō.

3. Canaan: Yanakoto Sotto Mute, Palette

This song had me in a chokehold for a year after I first listened to it.

anti-ndpcw: KOTO – Kirai Returns

Kissa Sasaki really shines on this, the production never stops.

2. Canaan: Jyujyu, Yurari Yurari

It both has a catchy chorus and is hauntingly beautiful.


It’s progressive just like SUKOSHI FICTION but even more pretty and dreamy. LASE is a contestant for this position also.

1.Canaan: 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San, Gekkeimaeshoukougun


If I die it’s because I broke my neck while listening to this song.

anti-ndpcw: KOTO – Otokonoko-chan

Kissa Sasaki production and KOTO’s vocals are so full of energy, chorus is so catchy (even though i don’t even know what she’s saying). I wish i had the chance to watch this live or to see KOTO comeback someday.