Reader’s Best: Ash’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We’ve had a lot of big news dropping lately and the potential blog posts are backing up around here. Still, I don’t want anything to get in the way of the next entry in our Readers Best series if, for no other reason, than we want to make sure we get through everybody’s submissions before Christmas.

Speaking of presents: today’s top ten list is curated by Ash and it is another deep dive into rare tracks, B-sides and album cuts. It also features the debut appearance of a couple of these artists in our Readers Best exercise. I’m pretty sure you’ll make at least one new discovery from this collection so, let’s go!!

Ash’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10. Tentenko, Houkago Sympathy

It’s Tentenko singing. End of story.


The rock ‘n roll is just so cool. Yuffie’s performance throughout hits it for six. That silky deep voice is a chef’s kiss.

8. SAKA-SAMA, Ex/cla/ma/tion/!!

Dreamy lo-fi is the staple of SAKA-SAMA, but they have a splattering of heavy weight bangers. “Ex/cla/ma/tion/!!” is one. Being a UK raver from the 90s and hearing those synth stabs as this song starts had me hook line and sinker. Kokone and Mizuho are fantastic throughout.

7. -odoro-, kimikimi

Get this on CD and decent speakers!!! You’ll come to appreciate how beautiful the composition of this song is. With the strings being played, the vocal abilities of the members mixed in and the emotion felt… It’s just one hell of a production.

6. Kaqriyo Terror Architect, Therefore?

From an album that’s already legendary, here is my favourite track. “Therefore?” is a complete hit. The rolling heavy beats and the vocals of each unique sounding member (the holy trinity) bouncing back and forth is perfection. Inject me.


An indie/rock gem of a song. The singing is full of power and emotion. Never, ever gets shuffled off.

4. Zenbu Kimi no Sei da., Greedy Survive (2019)

Song grabs you by the throat from the get go… and I happily submit. This doesn’t let up. It’s a super heavy Codomomental production. I loves it. Easily gets cranked up to 11.



All around the bar piano for a knees-up blast with BiS. It’s like Chas n Dave on crack, in a good way! A total party track. If you aren’t enjoying yourself with this then there’s no hope for ya.

2. 2&, Machigai Darake

Six years on and still a banger. Saki-chans raspy, angsty vocals give this song so much punch. It’s the fans’ favourite. And stripped down acoustic and English versions added over the years cements that.


This song heals. I could have the worst day at work, drive home and this magically shuffles on and I can’t help but be re-centered and smile. It pulls at me on an emotional level. Oh boy! In the studio they must have known, must have, what a legendary idol song was being formed. With the traditional musical instruments used and the infectious high energy vocals that hype the crowd to fever pitch. It’s just an underground idol masterpiece. And always will be my number one.