While we were just adjusting to the sudden replacement of every member of PLANCK STARS earlier this morning, it seems that the punk idol unit has now gone and set a record by imploding twice in a single day. Shortly after announcing the revamped line-up, the new PLANCK STARS system fell apart without making it to their debut live which is still scheduled to take place in just a few hours. It seems that the AI-generated TiDNE had traded her image as an NFT on a dodgy marketplace that went bankrupt and she suddenly vanished as her link on the blockchain expired. Neil deGrasse Tyson then bowed out after realizing he had signed on to an idol unit and not an astrophysics research venture. Soon after, it was learner that PiiPii TOPGUN had been arrested for underage drinking while in math class. Meanwhile Mouse Lemur ran off into the woods with Dildo in a Brown Paper Bag

With time running out, YABACUBE has quickly recruited some true idol veterans to fill out the PLANCK STARS roster and perform at the rapidly approaching reboot live. SO, let’s meet the new line up (again):


You may know PLANKi from her former role with WACK as YUiNA EMPiRE  where she performed as a member of WAgg, EMPiRE, BiS, CARRY LOOSE and, briefly, with Dogenzaka43. Before that she was known as Yuina Kotani during her various stints with De☆Ful, Cue☆Twinkle and Barrio Boyzz.


If Dave looks adorably familiar, that’s because you probably recognize their kawaii countenance from the previous work as Kotetsu with Codomomental where they performed with Zenbu Kimi no Sei da., Yukueshirezutsurezure, and as a founding member of  Kaqriyo Terror Architect and BROCKHAMPTON.


Misumi Emiri was previously known as solo idol MISSEMILY and is also a former member of the mishmash, KRD8, 4th Count, LinQ,  REV and Bell Biv DeVoe.

Kunogi Taylor

Most recently known as Kunogi Haruno of POMÜM and  Chouzetsu Venom-chan, you may also know her as Kunogi Kenbishi of NECRONOMIDOL , Kunogi Hibiki of Gokigen Teikoku and Jack Kunogi of Jack & Jack.

Muon Muon Banana Fanna Fo Fuon

MMBFFF-chan was formerly known as Utage with miscast, WØRLD VANGHØUL and South 65. You may also be familiar with her earlier work as Muon Anzu of XTEEN or from her stint in Bokura ga Hondara or Itsuka Aoku Mieru when she went by Muon Utage.

That is as solid a line-up as you can get!! With this many storied veterans filling the ranks, this new PLANCK STARS system can’t possibly fail. We look forward to seeing how quickly they master their new material and moves at the rapidly approaching debut live!