While the countdown to the debut live of the new PLANCK STARS system continues to tick by, YABACUBE has again found themselves in the position of having to recast the unit from scratch. While their strategy of hiring seasoned veterans appeared sound, they quickly learned that there is a downside to hiring a bunch of idols with lots of units on their resumes: while they may be long on experience, they are short on attention spans and don’t tend to stay long with any single group.

Just over an hour after joining PLANCK STARS, Muon Muon Banana Fanna Fo Fuon left to re-join her previous unit-mates from miscast as Asagi of MAZE. The idol briefly know as MITZEMERRY decided to go back to being MISSEMILY and has launched her own unit, NiL. Kunogi then changed her name to “Kunogi Baldwin” and decided to pursue acting while Junnoske Watanabe called YUiNA EMPiRE and asked her to join a new WACK unit called MERCHANDiSiNG.  Meanwhile, Kotetsu resigned so adorably that everyone forgot to ask her why.

With the reboot live fast approaching, YABACUBE reached deep into their agency roster to re-cast their flagship unit for the third time today. Let’s meet who they’ve managed to pull together to fill out the new  PLANCK STARS system this time:

A Richan Body Pillow

Discovered in a pile of unsold, irregular merch, this demo version of the Richan dakimakura didn’t make a hit during buppan, but now has a chance to wow the otaku onstage!!

A Clump of Hair Found on the Floor

Discovered during clean-up after the Planck Stars Kochi Prefecture One-Man Live, this hair ball has spent so long on the floor of a live house that is has developed it’s own personality as well as some impressive moves. Everyone loves twin tails, and twin tails are nothing but hair, right? What’s not to love?

Gonzaburo the Crayfish

Gon-Chan made their first appearance with the PLANCK STARS back in early March and has since been living with former member Kan Nyan. They are thrilled to be promoted from back-up crustacean to full-fledged member so quickly!

An Actual Baby

Between BABYMETAL, Babyraids, LADYBABY, Baby♡♡Holic, BabySitter, BABYBEARD, RIOT BABY and baby bear PARTY it was only a matter of time before someone put a literal baby in their idol unit and PLANCK STARS decided it might as well be them.

Rairai’s Half-Eaten Churro

We’re pretty sure YABACUBE is getting pretty desperate at this this point. Um… it’s a stale, half-eaten churro. Hooray??




So, that is the official word on the new PLANCK STARS system set to take the stage  just a couple hours from now. We are not sure how this can result in anything less than total disaster. Stay tuned!