RAY to Suspend Activities

Mere days after dropping one of the best albums of 2022, RAY have announced that they will be ending their current system and suspending activities.

The last live of the current line-up will be in late July after which they plan to hold auditions and reboot, hopefully in September or October. The sudden announcement comes on the heals of news of the indefinite hiatus of Kai Marino and the reduction of RAY to their current status as a duo (a move known in the chika idol world as, “pulling a SAKA SAMA”).  

It has not been decided if any of the current members of RAY will be a part of the new system to be unveiled in the Fall. The announcement says that the members will take the time during this suspension to “rest their minds and bodies” and determine whether or not they will continue on with the group. 

This news is a bit earthshaking as RAY is basically the gold standard of chika idol projects, bringing together exceptionally talented idols with some of the best indie musical talent Japan has to offer.  Not only are they responsible for one of the best albums of 2022 (regardless of genre), but some of the best tunes of all time.

In non-oshiloss news, brand new idol blog, DON’T TRUST iDOL just posted an interview with one of RAY’s most frequent composers, Azusa Suga of the exceptional shoegaze bands For Tracy Hyde and April Blue.

Pro otaku tip: Print out the article and then you can read it while using it to dry your tears.