RAY is Having a “moment”

RAY has been the center of a flurry of activity in this week that will be capped by their fourth one-man live. This includes yesterday’s drop of the MV for “moment”, a new song composed by “Almighty Omnidirectional Pop Group” Couple (who are definitely worth checking out). 

Per the accompanying press material, the song is an intentional departure from the unit’s current catalog and, along with the MVs visuals, are meant to convey a melancholy outlook that RAY haven’t expressed before.

This comes after another RAY first from earlier in the week when the group blessed those of us who don’t do Japanese well with an English language version of “Fading Lights”.  (NOTE: this is not an English subtitled version; it is literally RAY singing in English.)

In addition to these videos, a bunch of limited-release live PVs and official audio tracks have been dropping on RAY’s YouTube channel all week in the run up to -PRISM-, their 4th one-man live which happens later this evening (or early tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone).  The show will be livestreamed and you can grab a ticket for that here via Ticket Pia.

Interspersed between all of these music and video drops was the announcement that, following tonight’s one-man live, it seems that RAY will be taking a short break from major activities.

It appears that RAY will essentially have only three active members for a time while Tsukhi recovers from an unspecified condition. RAY is still on the books to perform a two-man live with B.O.L.T. on February 13th, so hopefully this is only a partial or short-term suspension of activities.

In a week of mixed news though, it was mostly good things for RAY. They also appeared in Weekly Asahi as one of the “Protagonists of 2022”, a list of “100 people who will definitely arrive this year”.