RABBITS Lab Finally Debuts, Confounds

Well, after months of anticipation, the enigmatic RABBITS Lab made … her? her debut back on the 31st and only just got this video digest of the performance posted the other day.

I warn you: What you’re about to see is a very chika idol performance in a very small venue populated by adults with rabbit ears on their heads.

So many rabbits

I’ll be honest; I expected a significantly wilder scene. Not that the tracks released so far were necessarily over the top or anything — I just thought that people invested enough to wear plastic ears to a debut live would pack a little more punch as a crowd. Proof (again) positive that I don’t understand wota at all!

Also, does this idol have a name? Like, at least a real stage one?

Oh, by the way, there’s more of the above on the way:

Heaven help us all. I thought this level of insanity had passed with the demise of uBu.

2 thoughts on “RABBITS Lab Finally Debuts, Confounds

  1. shes a good enough vocalist that she’d be better off just joining a band and getting rid of the gimmick and the wota’s. I don’t see how she’d going to get anywhere like this personally, but then again maybe this is just how she likes things. who knows?

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