Q’ulle Did Great Theme Music

It seems that our old friends in Q’ulle are taking good and generous advantage of their Avex association, too, and for good and cool and on-brand ends at that. My first response to seeing a little bit of buzz around the following was to get all excited about another new album or the like, but it’s actually for a collaboration with something (a show?) called DYNAMITE BOATRACE:

Now that is some quality-ass idorock

This being a Q’ulle release, of course nobody’s going to be satisfied with just that much.

Here’s the dance version:

Also a commercial for the boat thing:

Q’ulle is something that you should be paying attention to if you say that you like idols and also loud music. Considering that they’re the current (and frankly, undisputed) queens of idorock, it blows my mind that they don’t get more broad-based support among gaijin wota, but here we are.

Maybe this other thing that I’m going to post in a little bit will be more your speed.