Put Up Your Dukes and Fight with buGG

It finally arrived! I first listened to buGG’s new “MY FIGHT SONG” single what feels like a couple of weeks ago, on the Spotify, and figured that there’d be an MV at some point. And now there is!

Watching buGG grow from the fun sidecar PIIIIIIIN little sisters into, well, very much their own thing has been cool. They still have that signature impossible energy and outright bounce to their sound. I just can’t believe it’s only their second single ever! I mean, the discography available online isn’t exactly sparse, just that, like, you usually expect way more singles than other releases, this being idol and all. They’ve only been at this for like three years! But anyway:

Fun fact: Everything about this is hundreds of percents cooler than every American pop punk thing ever done

buGG is so goddamn fun. “MY FIGHT SONG” is probably at least 50% less fun than their peak and it’s still significantly more fun than 80% of what fly-by-night units foist upon us. It’s a weird — but enjoyable — smashing-together of pop punk pieces with more “traditional” J-rock flourishes and very very idol hooks to take you home. They really should do this more often.

Also TIL what buGG’s regular gig is called and I love it so much:

Pay more attention to buGG!