Put Some Pep in Your Step: Punk It up with SRAM

I have no earthly idea why the #1 group in my get-back-to-them list made it all the way until now without me actually doing anything, but finally, you guys! It’s SRAM! Web, Twitter.

If you like your rock ‘n’ roll old school, your punk Social Distortion, your style mod and your chorus “White Rabbit,” this song is for you.

Formed as a sub-unit of the popular-but-typical idol unit LinQ, SRAM is (to this Maniac, at least) easily the most exciting thing about LinQ, doing cool throwback “punk ‘n’ roll,” if you will. It’s a neat formula that complements idols very well. And one of the benefits of being associated with a major act is OH LOOK ACTUAL INFORMATION!

I know that the punk side of things isn’t as popular as some others around here, but you owe it to yourself to SRAM it up a little today. They have their own playlist on the LinQ official YouTube channel, so get your skank on!

6 thoughts on “Put Some Pep in Your Step: Punk It up with SRAM

  1. Hmmmm… be interesting to see how they develop, not quite enough there for me.
    I like the 4th single (whatever it’s called) but mainly because it makes me think of Billie Idle who do the whole ‘rock n roll idol’ soooooo much better.

  2. Nice site. I was not familiar with SRAM until I got here accidentally. Glad I did because I like them. Well, based on the only video I’ve checked out so far, “You May Dream”, which incidentally is a Sheena & the Rokkets cover, which you probably know, but didn’t mention. I mention it because I love Sheena & the Rokkets.

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