Punk up Wednesday with ‘Nakisou Sunday’

Its release was probably just a formality, a matter of “when” rather than “if” after they pre-released the track on iTunes a couple of weeks ago, but here’s Billie Idle’s MV for “Nakisou Sunday”:

So old-school!

I feel like the world needs Billie Idle. What are they out to do? Make cool, fun songs and act like the weirdos they are. There’s so much raw goodness in what they do, like you should just go dance around with them, maybe on a beach somewhere populated with preppies and greasers and gigantic surfboards, and definitely not spend the campfire time staring wistfully at First Summer Uika while she clowns around with the other girls who are too literally cool to want to hang out with me but didn’t want to miss the party because there’s nothing else to do in Pleasantville, USA.

Also, Akira, you’re doing a great job.

2 thoughts on “Punk up Wednesday with ‘Nakisou Sunday’

  1. The only bad thing about this is that it means we won’t get any more PVs from R’N’R IDLE. I was holding out hope that they were still sitting on a video for LOCO MOCO.
    Filmed in Okinawa, directed by boans

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