Preview Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s Entire ‘Selfish Newborn Hominina”

Zenkimi has given us previews from their upcoming single before, but never all at once, and never with this … I actually don’t know how to describe this artwork:

I mean, it’s amazing, but for which set of reasons?

The link out for the music itself is after the jump, but first you have to promise to tweet about it using #わがまま新生Hominina because they really want to see it trend, you guys.

“Selfish Newborn Hominina”
“Come here” (the one with Komachi, “Koko no Oide”/ここにおいで)
“飢えそなりてぃ”, which I can’t figure out even with three different machine translations, something about being hungry

I love the third one. My goodness.

Have you seen? It’s time for the Homicidols Fund Drive! Because dollars can’t buy dignity, gang, unless you have a shit-ton of them.

6 thoughts on “Preview Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s Entire ‘Selfish Newborn Hominina”

  1. The last part of the third song title is sonality, so potentially writing foreign words in hiragana?

    • The first kanji 飢え would be for starvation apparently and the rest just indicates it’s attached to a person so “to be hungry” I guess would make sense :/

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