Prepare Yourself for a Journey Into the Mind of NEMLESSS

Doop-dee-doop, minding my own business … hello, what’s this?

Well I never!

And now, after having giving that half a dozen spins in a row at least twice*, let me just go ahead and say that I could not be more thankful that we somehow entered a stretch that can only be described as Peak MV, in which only the very best tracks are selected for video-ing treatment, and those videos are in their own way the perfect visual accompaniment to the sound. I love Yuki and have loved her for a long time, so I’m especially stoked about this**. It doesn’t quite reach the same levels of well-ordered madness as my favorite MV in 2018, it packs a ton of punch that, if you’re not careful and/or have … look, I was going to say that there might be triggers for some folks in here, and that may be the case, but I’ll be damned if I can explain half of it and frankly contemplating how the hows and whys of the sounds and images herein might unlock terrible reactions to trauma, well, that’s not a road I’m comfortable going down.

I very literally cannot wait the remaining month for this record, you guys.

*It’s easy cuz it’s short!
**But let’s not pretend that this isn’t exactly what the first NEMLESSS Mv was going to be like; her entire aesthetic is captured perfectly

One thought on “Prepare Yourself for a Journey Into the Mind of NEMLESSS

  1. Aaah fucking who decided that this project for some reason was going to eliminate all the bass frequencies?

    Really annyoing and makes the song sound bad but not in a cool way.

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