Prep for TIF: Get to Know Full Power Girls

I mentioned in the TIF lineup post that I had this group scheduled, and then things up and went bonkers this week, so now you’re getting them a couple of days late.

Full Energy Girls R (Twitter)! I don’t know why the R is there, but considering that they aren’t completely dissimilar from Party Rockets GT, I guess superfluous letters are perfectly acceptable.

I’m not 100 percent on how and where I first saw this (likely via Pure Idol Heart, however), and I had to get into the guns and big-ass guitar licks in this song a little bit before deciding that they were worth following up on:

Also, I get the feeling that this is another one of those self-titled-literally-personal-theme-anthem situations

Near as I can tell, this is a combo unit from the Shining Will agency, combining their Shooting Star Girls with Ru:Run (holders of a #1 single!) to form an extremely high-energy rock unit — that they’re coming from a real-deal agency shows in that, yeah, they all seem to sing well, but that choreography might trump Osaka Shunkashuto‘s for sheer well-arranged intensity. Good times.

Considering that this was filmed in a storage unit, they couldn’t have waited a day or so for the megane girl to be available?

Here’s a full hour-long show they did: