Predictably, Oyasumi Hologram Is Again Completely Wonderful

Time for a palate cleanser! Oyasumi Hologram, who will never get the credit or riches or fame that they deserve because the world is a cruel and unjust place, made the excellent, serendipitous choice to follow up their “the end of the world” MV release to promote 4 with “colors” and a full-band look:

The nicest thing about OyaHolo (other than their flexibility and diversity) is how incredibly mature their sound is. In an industry lousy with youth, and a scene that’s particularly emphatic in that lousiness, they could add dimensions of twee to their alt-rock takes (or even the less opportune tracks) and take the easy way out; instead, they constantly progress and grow their sound, rooted as always in that Halfway to Dreamscape foundation that sets them apart, but trying new moves here and there. It’s really lovely.

Ultimately, what with half of chika idol making international moves anymore, it’s worth wondering if Oyasumi Hologram will ever head for Europe or the Americas or Australasia. Like a unique handful of others, they’re oddly well-positioned to actually hit the festival circuit or catch on with a respectable touring band rather than rely on the convention scene and the like. I probably wouldn’t shell out big bucks to see them, but also hopefully wouldn’t need to, because they’d do 20 dates and would come to within a few hours’ drive of my house at worst.

Anyway, I’m just riffing. I’d obviously love to see it, whether it’s a tour to support the new album or just taking a wild flyer on something unconventional for a few weeks.