Pre-order ‘MISS UNLIMITED’, Win Prize

This is kind of a cool promo by PassCode:


Like how I did that?

What you need to do, if I’m following this little snip from their website correctly, is:

  1. Go to iTunes and pre-order “MISS UNLIMITED” like soon
  2. Take a photo of your reservation (possibly with you in it!)
  3. Tweet it out @passcodeO using the hashtag #PassCode1026メジャーデビュー
  4. Be entered into a lottery

A lottery for what, you ask? Why, just a signed poster of which only three will exist in the entire world!

My iTunes is currently tuned to Japan because that’s about the only thing I’m buying on that service now, anyway, so I’m going to take part. If nothing else, they can get a good look at how many fans outside of Japan are committed enough to pre-order a single digitally!

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