Please Take Four Minutes Today to Take in Aina and TeddyLoid

If you recall, in our post-“Promise the Star” world, the most exciting thing about BiSH was the announcement that Ainajiendo herself would be featured on multihyphenate TeddyLoid’s new EP, which would include a cover of “MONSTERS” and a whole bunch of other stuff.

A lot of you are going to be just as excited as I was to hear and see this (or as excited as a really nice friend and I were when listening to it yesterday); another lot of you are going to hate this so hard and I really wish I could see your faces!

Reminder: Aina’s also a sick dancer

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA AINA’S A POP STAR! Oh, that’s so great. As that really nice friend and I were discussing yesterday, it doesn’t play to her strengths so much because, you know, Aina, but it’s also Aina, and it’s one of the best voices in the idol business getting to step out with a big-time producer and make what’s probably going to prove to be a really smart move for her overall career.

Aina’s not going to idol forever, you know? While a lot of idols reach the point where the stage isn’t going to work for them anymore and they graduate to other opportunities or walk away completely, Aina’s eventual departure from BiSH will probably be the start of a bigger career in music, and probably doing whatever the hell she feels like because have you heard this woman sing? Sweet sassy molassy.

And good for her, and good for BiSH honestly, and good for us.

Here’s another version of the same:

16 thoughts on “Please Take Four Minutes Today to Take in Aina and TeddyLoid

  1. Next up she needs to work with T. Bone Burnett. I really want to hear her do something with a bluesy, alt/old school country feel.
    She’s got the most star quality and crossover potential of anybody in the idol game and maybe anybody working in the Japanese music scene period. Between her distinctive vocals, dance ability, sex appeal and engaging personality she really needs to work on her English because she’s got a great chance for fame, glory and money beyond Japan.
    FWIW worth TeddyLoid was recently ranked the 5th most popular Japanese artist outside of Japan, so this will probably do more to spread her name to the wider world than anything she’s done so far. Don’t be shocked when Western producers start knocking on her door and she buys a 2nd house in LA where she spends pollen season.

    • I don’t disagree with your statement, I’m just not bothered by it because I knew it was coming. Considering who she is working with and the statements from Aina and Teddy about a “new” version of Aina I would’ve been shocked if her voice hadn’t been vocodered. That said when she does this live, which I expect in the near future, it will sound even better because the vocoder is being used for solely effect and not to hide any vocal shortcomings.
      BiSH may be a promise, but Aina is a star.
      Anything that pushes her toward a wider audience I support 1000%.

    • It’s a Teddyloid song more than an Aina song, but it’s always a treat to see and hear her do something other than a Mid-Tempo Matsukuma Song™

  2. First time I listen to Teddyloid. It’s partly not my type of music really. Mixed feelings about it. I didn’t like how they messed up her voice like that with effects.
    It takes away a bit the raw energy, uniqueness and beauty of her voice. I guess manipulating the voice is a part of this genre of music. But I wish they could let her voice be as it is. It would be interesting to hear how the song would be without those effects.
    I kinda was looking forward to it. Perhaps I had too big expectations.

    The main problem for me its not memorable to me. I listened a few times and it didn’t really imprint itself in my mind. Compared to some BiSH songs that stuck immediately and got my heart after one listening.

    I guess I still support it because of Aina. And I love to see her dance. She is truly a very expressive dancer. She express herself as good with dance as with her voice 🙂

    Well I’m happy if this will help Aina to be more recognized and help her career ahead. I’m happy if Aina is happy and enjoyed doing this. That’s what important to me. I truly hope she will ahead make a solo album. Also that she actually can be involved in the creative process. She could do also well if she got her own dance project.

    I somehow also feel BiSH limits her….whom Aina is and what she could do. She is is so much more. She will exceed the day BiSH is no longer. I have no doubts about it. She is unique star.

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