This PSYBOU KANOJO Return Is a Cruel Tease

Imagine my reaction when I saw this:


Look at this crazy-ass show to return to!

PSYBOU KANOJO is the closing act!

It’s Yuki, too, isn’t it? She RTed the stuff. I can’t see how it can be anybody but Yuki. I need for Yuki and DEMON TAPES to re-combine forces and sheer the faces off of those with weak souls.

Please, all gods and demigods and various nature spirits that are probably mad at me for leaving the compost bucket outside because of the fruit flies, please let this be real. Give me back my absolute digital madness disguised as something appropriate for an idol. Please.


What do you mean, this really is the last? It’s a one-off?

Son of a–

At least we still have NEMLESSS.