PLANCK STARS ReBoot Part IV: The Final Form

It seemed like the new PLANCK STARS cast announced about an hour ago felt like a bit of a desperation move, so it will come as a surprised to no one that the whole lineup was suddenly and unceremoniously dumped at the last minute for a much more promising option.

Just as the curtain was set to rise on the new system debut live, YABACUBE announced that PLANCK STARS will be moving ahead as an all all-star duo consisting of:


Solo idol, founder and leader of the band I’s, spokesmodel for 7/11,  actress and star of the upcoming Nextflix production, Adam by Eve, Associate CFO of SOFTBANK, Undersecretary of State to the Netherlands and Adjunct Professor of Ethnobotany at SUNY Oswego, the multi-talented ano (former member of You’ll Melt More) has agreed to lend her talents to PLANCK STARS!

Joining ano onstage will be:

The Angel Ramiel

 Hailing from the White Moon, Ramiel (former Neon Genesis Evangelion) is a reflective, cyclopean crystal octahedron with a nearly impenetrable Absolute Terror Field. Also known as “The Angel of Thunder”, Ramiel is especially well known for their graceful, floating movements, vocal ability and Inner Torus Reactor.

As promised, the new PLANCK STARS system hit the stage this afternoon and Homicidols was lucky enough to get our hands on footage of  Ramiel’s idol debut. Let’s take a look!

YABACUBE will be announcing the next PLANCK STARS system as soon as Tokyo can be reconstructed.