Pikarin, the Creepy Princess of A-pop

I never give Shiina, the person behind Pikarin, enough credit or attention. You might not like A-pop or A-style pop, and that’s okay*, but if you like the creepy, crawly, literally-tread-upon-your-fans side of idol, you should be following her.

It’s like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s dark sister gone berzerk. So much twisted fun. On a personal note, because I never find the time to delve into her mad little world, if you can inform us all of what’s good in the world of Pikarin, please share away in the comments.

*Just kidding. Not liking A-pop is a bad opinion that makes you a bad person.

6 thoughts on “Pikarin, the Creepy Princess of A-pop

  1. This is becoming a standard comment for me I guess…

    I…I was not prepared in anyway for whatever that was. It’s like a cuteness overload, and then you look down at the bleeding hole in your chest where your heart used to be, and the cuteness overload has blood in its smile when you look up.

    • Oh yeah. Or she’ll catch you looking, smack you in the face with a spiked baton and walk off hand-in-hand with her girlfriend. No, part of what makes all these denpa-style performers so tough to fathom is how well they hide the attitude behind that shiny facade.

  2. Pikariin is one of my favorite idols ever <3. Like, really cute and creepy.

    She does makeup tutorials too, for the "kawaiipateen" channel in youtube, the last one is "How to cosplay pikachu", and it's just hilarious. So she is just funny, cute and creepy, so perfect.

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