Pikarin Providing a Voice for a Perfectly Themed TV Movie

Seeing as how Halloween is right around the corner, I thought I’d look in on Pikarin, who’s essentially a living, breathing Halloween party. And of course the “what she’s up to” is just too damn weird.

Good lord. So Shiina’s the narrative voice for that. Idols! What else is she up to?

Getting a little too familiar with other idols:

Drawing blood:

Celebrating violence:

In short, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

4 thoughts on “Pikarin Providing a Voice for a Perfectly Themed TV Movie

  1. The girl Pikarin is getting a little too familiar with isn’t another idol, it’s just one of her female wota. 😉

    • You know what’s funny? I first wrote that as a fan, then thought, “One, who dresses like that? Two, whatever happened to the touching rules? Must be another idol.”

      I should have known. Pikarin happened to the touching rules. Biting is one thing; groping quite another.

      • I believe that cheki was taken at a Halloween event, which would explain the maid costume worn by the female wota.

        The “normal” rules of fan interaction simply don’t apply to Pikarin: I’ve seen her stick her fingers inside the crotch area of a female wota’s pants while I was waiting in line to get my own cheki with her. She shook my hands right after that and probably gave me some AIDS, lol!

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