Pikarin Knows How to Celebrate a Birthday

Hikari Shiina, the belovedly infamous Pikarin, celebrated either her 22nd or 22,000th birthday this past week, depending on which account of her life you believe, and of course had to do it all Pikarin-y. All stuff originally derived via Patrick on the Facebook group.


I really just included that article embed so you’d have something to click on to go look at more photos and read the report if you can Japanese.

Here’s video of the whole thing:

I never really understand what’s happening in these shows

Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Pikarin Knows How to Celebrate a Birthday

  1. Lmao, she got the red cat drummer thing to play at her party! I don’t know what its deal is, but I’ve seen videos of that cat absolutely obliterating an X-Japan song.
    She posted some photos from the Aomori Rock Fest where she walked across a bunch of kneeling wotas’ backs, and the auto-translate in Twitter or Instagram or wherever it was translated it to something like, “walking on a bunch of fat slobs!” and that’s one of my favorite Pikarin memories.

  2. She performs her new song「土下座ロード第一章」(“Dogeza Road Chapter One”) at 21:36 in the video posted. Song is awesome, sick instrumental, and I love when she does the power metal type hooks like “Makai March”. I’m guessing Kenta Matsukuma production again since he is pretty much her producer now. And her whole look for this show is amazing. Like straight out of Castlevania or something.

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