PIIIIIIIN’s Putting Its New Member Decision Process into Your Hands

So PIIIIIIIN, fun teen rock idols and someone who I wish I were following more closely and then never do, somewhat recently had a graduation. That wouldn’t be a problem for most idol groups, but, see, it’s PIIIIIIIN, not PIIIIIIN, so they need a seventh member, and they’re going to listen to the Voice of the People to select her.

That’s … honestly, that’s kind of cool. So how does one take part?

Basically, each prospective member has their own Showroom schedule; you watch, you vote and stuff, I guess. Look at PIIIIIIIN’s feed for the specifics on each person.

Also, their third-anniversary live will be broadcast on LINE, so, if you have yourself a LINE account …

One thought on “PIIIIIIIN’s Putting Its New Member Decision Process into Your Hands

  1. I will be present at the 3rd anniversary live, but so far the outlook for a new member doesn’t interest me much. What I saw on Twitter was not enough to eradicate my memory of Ayano and I already decided, that I rather support Ami now.

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