PIIIIIIIN’s Farewell Looks Like It Must Have Been Pretty Fun

Ah, PIIIIIIIN, one of my favorite could-have-beens in idol. I had only just started to come around on them about a year ago, and thoroughly enjoyed their whole sound during my reluctant embrace of loud idols who weren’t necessarily heavy idols.

And then poof! Shortly after announcing that the fans would get to select the update to the membership, they announced instead that the group was disbanding.

I’m still hunting for video and will add if I find any, but at least here’s some awesome merch and photos and stuff.

For instance, this shirt, which I want:

The sister unit reported from the scene:

Remind me again to get to them

The wota had fun, too:

This poor dude was unimpressed:

I don’t care where this happened. Don’t take this away from me

Sayonara, PIIIIIII. I wish I could’ve gotten to know you better.

6 thoughts on “PIIIIIIIN’s Farewell Looks Like It Must Have Been Pretty Fun

  1. I am sad to see then leave. How ironic also, that they were once created as little sister group to Pixion, surpassed them in success, but now still Pixion will remain, despite their chaotic past.
    I actually wonder why PiiiiiiiN quit at all, after just releasing a new album and auditioning new members. Seems like the commercial success was lower than the agency thought it would be.
    Let’s see which units the members will appear in the future.

    Btw, you wouldn’t like Pixion at all. Neither do I. Nothing remotely similar to PiiiiiiiiN.

  2. Lol, I see. It seems you are on the best way from an ALT-idol-fan to an ALL-idol-fan 😉

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