PiGU’s Rino Is Graduating

I’ve taken to sticking graduation announcements into the Weekender, the exception being cases where either I personally really like somebody, the group is fairly prominent, I am being paid etc. In this case, this is a very sad announcement!

In short: Coming up on March 20 will be a final one-man live for one of the PiGU old guard; it isn’t the end of PiGU, fortunately, but it’s still a farewell for a girl who stuck with her group through thick and thin.

I had a feeling that something was cooking with PiGU, seeing as how their Twitter account was more active with the audition announcements lately, and it had been a while since last they had announced new music. I had even half-wondered half-out-loud just how long Keikarin and Rino would stick with the group, just in general.

Here’s her announcement:

March 20, POP iD, graduation. Sad. So here’s some video of the whole group in action:

7 thoughts on “PiGU’s Rino Is Graduating

  1. Whaaa? Now I expect I’m the only other person that cares but damn this sucks. It was looking like 2017 might start to see them see go places with them getting on to bills alongside bigger names and reports of the new album they are recording sound like it’s going to be a cracker. Management even seemed to have decided that this quartet was going to be *the* line up, to the extent of declaring Year Zero and deleting all videos featuring former members from their youtube channel. I guess in PiGU terms this is a long-lived line up; assuming no other changes they will have lasted a massive five and a half months.

    I’m just glad that, seemingly unlike every other member to leave PiGU (which by now must include half the young women in Osaka), Rinoshun is getting a proper send off rather than just being erased from history Orwellian style. I’m going to miss her. This is like if BiS carried on without Hirano Nozomi. Can you imagine such a wretched, dystopian world?

    • You just found the perfect analogy. Keikarin makes that world turn, but Rinoshun has been the perfect partner all the way back to the beginning.

      Question, because you follow them more closely than I do: Is the way you described the deletion of all of those videos the real deal? It makes sense, and my limited exchanges with somebody on their production team did lead me to believe that they were going to try to get out there more often, even try to get to TIF etc., but I personally don’t know up or down.

  2. re: videos. No, no this is just the uninformed speculation of a stupid gaijin who can only understand Japanese words like “single”, “album” and the names of groups. All MVs got pulled except for the latest one and the one from summer when it was just Keika and Rino in the group, and nearly all the live stuff that included anyone not currently in the group was taken down too. This, combined with a general feeling of things subsequently stepping up a gear led to my quite possibly way off conclusions above. I did try to ask those in charge what the deal with the videos was but predictably got no reply.

  3. Hey chris, I also care. PiGu has something good going on and I hope that can continue.

    Isn’t Rino the one who did that solo show when everyone else had the flu a few months ago? If so, that gives me the sads, but that’s Idol. A full turnover in performers is definitely not ideal, since every group at the very least needs a stable anchor.

    I suspect sometime soon a decision is going to have to be made whether Idol Unit PiGu, or staffing that cafe is the top priority since mngmnt obviously want both, and the reason either exists is the other, and maybe just maybe that unconventional setup has something to do with the graduation rate.

    • It was Keikarin (the leader and only other member who has been there for a long time) who did the solo show. She really is the anchor and I don’t know how she sticks it out when so many others last a matter of weeks but God bless her.

      I’d love to know more about the whole PiGU/POP iD set up; a documentary on this is one of the #IdolMovies I’d really like to see. Like if I was in Osaka (following some amazing lottery win or something) and I popped in to the café for some tea and cake, could Keika herself bring it to the table? What’s with the weird sub’s bench and sub-sub’s bench system they seem to have for bringing new members in? Just why do the members leave so quickly, and why when they do are all traces that they ever existed gone within hours and usually without notice (Rino clearly is special here). Try and find out the names or the number of former members and I’d be amazed if you can even dig up one or two.

      It’s baffling and it’s fascinating and the songs are great. Here’s to the next two dozen members, but please don’t take Keika!

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  5. I hate when I cant get my head wrapped around a group’s lineup.. you need to have that “gang” thing going..I’d like to think the members arent totally interchangeable…. I know it’s pretty much standard fare in the idol world but I think it keeps some groups spinning their wheels instead of moving forward…
    PiGU have the songs for sure..

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