PiGU’s Newest Song Is Gnarly as Hell

Okay. Guys. Raise your hand if you’re familiar with PiGU’s body of work to date. Good? Thanks. Pretty bouncy and fun overall, huh? Yeah, they mix it up a little bit, but they live up to their image. It’s a good time!

Now can a volunteer please explain this to me?

First: I am in no way displeased about this. In fact, I embrace it wholeheartedly! PiGU taking a turn, however momentary, toward the darker recesses of idolcore (that vocal melody has moves right out of the SCRAMBLES playbook, no less) is the kind of thing that makes me want to grab Keikarin by her little devil horns and excitedly do that scream/laugh thing together. I kept waiting for a ray of sunshine and a burst of major chords to break through for a little pop punk chorus or something, but nope!

However! What a thing for PiGU to do. I like the song, I really do; I’m just surprised to get it from them, compared to, say, Under Beasty or mistress or something. And I wish that I’d known about it yesterday, when I was glumly staring off into space and wondering what happened to idol and why I didn’t have anything for Thursday Hurtsday (rejoinder: This would have been perfect for Thursday Hurtsday).

Many blessings upon you, PiGU. You are never dull.