For those out of the loop on the latest droppings from PIGGS, the unit has been drawn into a pitched battle between their indie producer, Ryan B, versus an anonymous major-label hack over the right to produce PIGGS major label debut single.  The two sides in this contest have been separated into the Ryan B-led “TEAM Indie (Poo Poo Land Co., Ltd.)” and “TEAM Major (a certain major label)”. Each team has now produced a single and MV and PIGGS fans have been asked to vote for their favorite.  In the interest of fairness, the teams have been anonymized as TEAM A and TEAM B.

Let’s take a look at the entries:

TEAM A – “Burning Pride”

TEAM A’s MV is 4:44 long, so they win by default.

Team B – “Buta Hankotsu Seishin Ron”

The two are so similar, it will be incredibly difficult to choose.  /s 

The results are surprisingly unsurprising. What we can only assume is Ryan B’s TEAM A presents us with a signature, PIGGS-style banger with proto-punk and prog rock flourishes. Meanwhile, anonymous major label TEAM B gives us a generic idol rock song that would be at home in the portfolio of just about any unit playing the Hot Stage of Tokyo Idol Festival.

Of course, we are just making assumptions here. For all we know, “Burning Pride” may be TEAM Major’s effort while Poo Poo Land Co., Ltd is responsible for “Standard Idol Rock Song #20146”. However, judging by the production values of the MVs, we’re fairly certain Team Indie was behind the video that couldn’t afford an entire wolf costume or fight choreographer. Meanwhile, the TEAM B MV demonstrates some pretty high grade media and digital effects work that does not come cheap, leading us to believe it was executed by the major label pros. 

The two singles are are also available on major streaming services with each version carrying a different bonus track.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite PIGGS. The results will be announced on July 22nd.

Then, hopefully, this misguided experiment will be over and we can get back to Ryan B producing everything, which is how we like our PIGGS. Please and thank you.