PIGGS Are Dropping a New Album in December

PIGGS are dropping a new album just in time for Christmas. JUICYY, their first album since adding KINCHAN as a member, will be released on December 22nd. 

Here’s a teaser:

The album will include 13 total tracks: six new tunes and seven re-recordings of previous songs with the current lineup. From the above preview, it sounds like the “JUICYY.ver” tracks are slightly new arrangements in addition to incorporating KINCHAN’s vocals. 

If you would like to know more about KINCHAN or, at least, her journey through the audition process to join PIGGS,  a short documentary covering her journey has been released.

In other PIGGS news, the group has just launched an Instagram account to help show improvements to their daily life at PIGGS house where all the members reside together.

The announcement of the release of JUICYY came just hours after after PIGGS joined Yanakoto Sotto Mute for the two-man live line-up of my dreams. Honestly, these past few months since I’ve had to commute into work again, my driving music has basically been HALLO PIGGS and Beyond the Blue on rotation.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute have scheduled an announcement of their own for two hours before this article is supposed to post, so maybe I can update this space with some release news from them as well. We shall see. (UPDATE: The Yanamute announcement was about a couple of upcoming lives.)