People Review Things: GANG PARADE | “Barely Last”

I really thought I was going to review Billie Idle’s bi bi bi bi bi by now, and then I didn’t and now what would be the point, really, so I was going to turn my attention to GANG PARADE and Barely Last, but a certain someone named Garry WHO HAPPENS TO BE IN JAPAN RIGHT NOW LIKE A JERK took care of it for us.

And thank goodness! We’ve already heard all of the songs and been snarky about the lineup stuff — galore! — and I’ve made mini-reviews of most of it, so did you really want to read me? You did not.

Garry, on the other hand, pinky-swore upon the holy book of your choice that he was listening with completely open ears, so the perspective from is an impeccable one.

So what’s the good word, Mr. MacKenzie?

I didn’t really get what I expected from this album going in. I figured there’d be a few more high-tempo songs than there actually ended up being. In the end I think I ended up being 50/50 … [G]iven how drastic of a line-up change GANG PARADE have had recently I think putting this album out right now was a pretty gutsy move.

Go read the whole thing.