PASSPO, Zombies on a Plane, It’s All Good

PASSPO, who as we discussed previously are cool and good in their own right, have an album coming out next month. People seem to be excited about it! If this is the degree of fun ideas and general “girls rock” goodness wrapped up in it, I bet it’s going to be a pretty good album; for now, a bunch of people over the age of 30 are going to be like “oh, ha, I recognize the things they’re doing here!” and a bunch of people who only remember MTV for Real World/Road Rules Challenge are more “I don’t understand why there are dancing zombies on an airplane.”

Have you met any flight attendants? For people who could easily zone out, they’re the least likely zombies ever

That’s right: The do-it-all PASSPO just did their own tribute to “Thriller.”

Though why we didn’t get a single moment of cat-lycanthropy (fecanthropy?) and nobody awkwardly gave anybody else a ring on like the third date, that I don’t know. (If you’re somehow missing out on the greatest music video of all time, ahem, and also has Michael Jackson been forgotten already?)

This is good fun. Garry sent it over late last night (judging by the view count at the time, I’m guessing within minutes of its release), and it was exactly the little shot in the arm that this guy needed. They’re fun. We need more for-the-sake-of-it fun in life.

PASSPO is/was in London (who knew? besides PASSPO fans?); Cinema Trip is out the day after Valentine’s. So, like, you can have that awkward date that ends in the rise of the living dead anyway.