PassCode’s First Major Album

Well hot damn, Monday, look at all the gifts you’re giving us! The weekend produced a good bit of cool new stuff, but this morning has been full of surprises great and small and isn’t even close to over yet, and here’s one that I didn’t even kind of see coming:

New PassCode album! A whole crapload of new music! DVD and other extras! I’m definitely going to order it! I’m also tempted to say something about the title and whether we should be concerned about the ongoing future of PassCode, but naw, it’s probably nothing. There’s a new album coming!

It’s been a minute since we really did anything with PassCode, so here’s a live clip of “AXIS”:

3 thoughts on “PassCode’s First Major Album

  1. “It’s probably nothing” is such a fitting thing in the volatile idol world!
    The “1st” part eases any concerns about the album being called Zenith. They must have a notebook full of “cool names” or something

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