PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet’ Is Partway Here

We heard the trailer for “bite the bullet” last week, and, in addition to being more than ready to hear PassCode’s second major label single, I was also nervous that region blocking would kind of ruin the party for those of us in North America (we weren’t able to pre-order, for instance).

No such problems with the video’s short version!


One of the problems with having a signature sound is that your material can start to sound, you know, like every other thing you’ve ever done. A certain legendary punk band beloved of me tends to toe that line; a 30+ year career will do that. PassCode flirts with the scenario in just about every release, but I think, despite sticking to a few general song templates, they’ve so far avoided the problem of having recorded the same song twice, and “bite the bullet” itself sounds a lot like it’s mostly pulling better elements from across their catalog to push ahead with a second major label release.

I’m looking forward to the full version on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet’ Is Partway Here

  1. That is very slick. The video budget has gone way up since they were hanging in a storage shed and the park.

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