PassCode Provides a Lesson in Idol Group Development

Getting it right isn’t easy. You sometimes have to try a few times to get there, “there” being where you wanted to go, even if that’s as ethereal as “good” or “successful.”

Anyway, that’s vague and stupid. I’m just trying to come up with a decent intro for this little discovery:

The only backstory that matters is that I was on Soundcloud and decided to search for PassCode, and there they were, but of a very particular vintage. Along with familiar tracks like “XYZ” and “Seize the Day” in their album iterations is that number embedded above.

I have no idea what the lyrics are or even what the song’s title is, but it sounds like an early demo before PassCode embraced their hard EDM potential — and the accompanying group promo photo of Nao (pre-too-skinny-looking Nao, that is) and Yu-ri … and two WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE?! other members from PassCode’s first iteration proves that.

Anyway, interesting to hear how one of the homicidol frontrunners got started.