PassCode Has a Roster Change, and Then Another Roster Change

This website is a supporter of PassCode. That being said, while developing their profile page, the group … well, it did something that happens pretty often in the idol scene.

Membership turnover is a very common occurrence among idol groups. Given all of the variables — young people dealing with school and, later, jobs; management looking for an edge in a cutthroat business; the performance schedules; the occasionally too-rabid fans — it’s not a surprise that members go and come.

PassCode had been through a few overlapping iterations since they started in 2013, but the 2014 lineup that was involved in the All Is Vanity release and videos seemed stable, with burgeoning success.

And then I caught their video from TIF and was surprised to see that PassCode had a new, fifth member!

Also, yes, that’s a circle pit.

Now, that was a couple of weeks ago. So then color me surprised to see right before Halloween that Kurohara Yu-ri, the final inaugural PassCode member, a legit contributor to the group, was immediately leaving (fittingly, on the eve of their tour, The Trial of PassCode).

This is sad news. Good luck to Yu-ri!

Here’s video of PassCode’s updated lineup performing live. If you can’t get excited about Yuna’s screams, you’re dead inside.

The roster on PassCode’s profile page has been updated to reflect these changes.