PassCode Duel! A Very Short Preview vs. a Very Short Review

The other night, despite my desktop notifications being very quiet, my phone blew up with: ZOMG PASSCODE UPLOADED A NEW ALBUM ON SOUNDCLOUD!!eleven! I had gawdawful network, so I waited to get home and a chance to possibly even snag some code from the app to share with you lovely people, only for Soundcloud to be all “ha ha ha, you live in the wrong country like a big dork!”

So in response:

It took a few days, but senpai came through, and — if you’re one of the roughly 22 people who are aware of PassCode and haven’t yet downloaded Locus because you’re in a coma — you can get that preview that you so badly need:

If the short clips aren’t enough for you, how about a very short review? The other day, I asked Rain to share his impressions, and he’s such a nice guy that he did:

And thus, friends, are we able to use the power of modern media* to create for you a nearly compulsive desire to buy that dang PassCode album!

*Like, just deconstructing the amount of selection bias at play would take days